About Us

Tomolo Edigio edizioni is a small Italian publishing house specialising in illustrated children’s books.
Our children’s book series are intended to teach about values like love, friendship and respect, and offer children the opportunity to get in touch with other cultures. Besides our series written by contemporary authors and illustrated by Italian artists, we offer a series of English books and bilingual books (Tomolo International). So far, we have the following languages available: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Ancient Greek, Russian and Georgian.
The books in our catalogue are mainly illustrated by Italian artists and are carefully selected as we believe illustrated stories are works of art.  Beside a series of emerging illustrators, Tomolo Edigiò Edizioni costantly works with two professional illustrators: Silvia Dotti and Stefania Gualerzi, both using traditional techniques (i.e. watercolours, crayons and acrylics). Silvia Dotti focuses on myths, legends and folklore and represents the fairy realm in all its forms. Stefania Gualerzi mainly illustrates stories for children in a modern fresh style and bright colours.
Our illustrated books are not only aimed at children. We have a hard-cover book series, Le Tomoleggende, intended for adults and collectors or, more generally, people who love beautiful, fairy and old-style illustrations. Each book focuses on local legends and investigates Italian and foreign folklore.
Tomolo Edizioni has recently expanded its catalogue and currently includes fiction for adults (romance, fantasy, thriller).
What makes us different from other publishing houses is our book series dedicated to authors under 18 (parole minorenni). We want to give a chance to every text worth publishing, and, why not, even if written by someone underage.